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Exterior/Interior-Color Selection

The key to a high-quality, lasting paint job is in the preparation.
Your home will be thoroughly scraped, sanded, caulked and primed in areas where needed.  
The paint will then be applied using a BRUSH AND ROLL technique which insures
a solid coat of protection and holds up longer than spraying.


Painting of the interior of your home requires special attention to detail. 
Preparation is key to a professional finish. 
Great care is given to covering your furniture, floors, etc. 
Minor patching and filling of holes creates a smooth finish.
We give particular attention to neat, clean, crisp lines.

    Color Selection

We are experienced in both selecting new and matching existing colors. 
With Integrity Painting, you will receive the benefit of this valuable experience.

  Color approval

*Highlands Ranch Residents
We are familiar with the color submittal process and are able to take care of
submitting colors to the HOA for approval.